The Library building is closing as of 12:00 pm

September 18th.

Curbside service available

It is with a heavy heart that I’ve made the decision to move the Springvale Public Library’s services to curbside only.  As of this morning, Sanford/Springvale has over 100 positive COVID19 cases. The information from Maine CDC that 7 of the cases from the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard can be linked to commuters from Sanford pushed the decision to close our doors. We will close for two weeks and re-assess the situation again then.

We’ve seen firsthand how our community has suffered from the effects of the Millinocket wedding and how just one case can evolve into over 170. The number of cases in our community has exploded since then and Sanford/Springvale numbers are getting worse by the day.

While we trust in the safety measures that we’ve put in place - the safety barriers, mask requirements, sanitizing - the numbers are just not in our favor. 

Please know that there have been no known cases linked to the Springvale Public Library and that your safety is paramount to us.

Finally, I implore you all, please, please wear a mask whenever you are out. It is such a small sacrifice to make to ensure the health of our entire community.  Wearing a mask could keep a child alive, or parent of a child, or your best friend, or maybe even a stranger.

 Click here for Curbside Pickup Information 

Discover Something New to Read

Not sure what to read next?  Try some of these tools.  Search by author, title, or just browse around.

Novelist:  will give you read-a-likes and ideas. When you get to Digital Maine Library from this link just scroll down to Novelist 


Fantastic Fiction - (Find what the next book is in a series, follow favorite authors!)  *** staff favourite***

Goodreads - Meet Your Next Favorite book  

Literature Map  - Have an author you like, Literature Map gives you a literature cloud based on the similarity of the author you like.  


What Should I Read Next - Click to find a new adventure


BookBrowse - Great discoverability tools!

Birding in Springvale

Springvale Library Partners with Maine Audubon on 3-Part Workshop Series

Funding for the program has provided by the generosity of the Dorr Foundation Grant.

Maine Audubon and Springvale Library have partnered to develop these free live webinars. Registration and information can be found at 


October 8, 6 to 7 pm: Birds of Springvale and York County

Join Maine Audubon's Staff Naturalist Doug Hitchcox for a live webinar about the birds that call Springvale and York County home. We will discuss natural history, identification, threats to, and ways to help these birds.

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