The Springvale Public Library is part of the Maine Infonet Library System (MILS) which gives you access to direct requests from the larger library community in Maine.  

Place Requests Online Yourself for Items from Other Libraries in the System!

We will notify you when items are ready, and you pick them up from Springvale Library.  No more waiting for the library to open to call and request.  Notifications are by email but we can call you or you can enable text notifications if you prefer.

View “My Library Account” to look at:

*What you have checked out and when the items are due o If you owe any money

*What is happening with your requests

How Do I Request an Item? 

Visit the Springvale Public Library website o Go to “Search the Catalog” on the right-hand menu. o Sign into “My Library Account” by entering your name and your 14-digit barcode number.

Search MILS Catalog

  • This search will locate items in 14 small libraries in Maine (as of December 2017).

  • The default search is ALL libraries.

  • If you would just like to search “Springvale Public Library” use the drop-down menu where you see “Springvale Public Library”.

  • Hit search again and if you see the item you are looking for click “Request.”

  • You will see a message saying your request was successful and you will be notified* when it is your turn and the item is ready for you.     

  • If you do not find what you are searching for in the MILS catalog, hit the                          “

Search MaineCat” on the left-hand side of the screen.



Search MaineCat 

  • This search will locate items in the statewide library catalog which includes all larger public libraries and the college and university collections.

  • If you see the item you are looking for in this catalog and it says “Available” click “Request.”  If all copies are currently in use, wait, and check the catalog to place your request when the status is “Available.”  

  • Choose “Springvale Public Library” when you are asked to pick your home library from the drop-down list.

  • Enter your name and 14-digit barcode number when prompted. o You will see a message saying your request was successful and you will be notified when the item is ready for you.       



Your account is set up for you to receive notifications via email which are sent out automatically through Maine Infonet Library System. (Phone notifications are available upon request.)

You should receive messages when: 

  • Items you are waiting for are ready for you o Items are almost due o Items are overdue (1st courtesy notice) o Items are overdue (2nd courtesy notice)

  • Items are billed for replacement costs (overdue 3 weeks) 

Quirks & Troubleshooting Tips

People often get a bill before receiving any courtesy notices. You might find them in your junk or spam folder.  

Here are some suggestions for workarounds: 

  • “Whitelist” these two email addresses by going into your spam folder, clicking one of the notifications, and choosing to “never block sender and/or sender’s domain.”        

  • Enable text messages by going into your account on the MILS catalog via our website and signing up for SMS Alerts.

  • Check your online account which will show due dates, items ready for you, late fees, and renewal status for all your transactions.

  • Keep your checkout receipt handy and put dates on your calendar.