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Springvale Public Library and Maine Audubon has partnered to Bring Nature Home in Springvale

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Native Seed Sewing Workshop

Here's the recording of Eric Topper, Director of Education, of Maine Audubon's Native Seed Sewing.  Hear Eric talk about these plants and learn how to plant them successfully!  

Zoom recording:

Password: 5Dr*IX*z

Here are some links that Eric also wanted to share some of his favorite seed vendors and websites:

  1. Wild Seed Project -- the shop tab, in particular, is a site I am visiting often these days as more seeds get processed and listed.

  2. Prairie Moon Nursery (MN) -- this is a national vendor, so they don't just sell New England natives.  They do have great photos of seeds (so you know what to sow of pods you collect) and root structures to give you a sense of what pots to use for growing plants on.

  3. Prairie Nursery (WI) -- also a national vendor, this place doesn't list germination codes because all of their seeds are ready to sow when you are (keep them refrigerated or outside over winter until then).  So, if you discover a new species that you'd like to try in, say, March, this would be where to get it so you can start it like lettuces or tomatoes in early spring.

Here are some fabulous links for learning about native plant species.

Maine Native Plant Finder

Maine Audubon Bring Nature Home Project

Bringing Nature Home Programs are driven by the work of Doug Tallamy.  We have his book here at the Library to checkout.

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Pumpkin Bird Feeder Activity
Our pumpkin bird feeder project was such a hit, I encourage people of all ages to try it.  Here's the link to Audubon's page where we found the activity.
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pumpkin bird seed
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