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Dear Community,


This week we have been brought face to face with the pandemic of racism and we can not remain silent.  It is easy to say that  Black Lives Matter but the subtext needs to be acknowledged that Black Lives Matter because blacks are not given the same guarantee of safety, justice, and opportunity to live a free life that I, as a middle-class white privileged person, is offered.


Springvale Library is the heart of the community, and as such, we are a place of connection and learning and a place that represents the best of humanity. We all know that Maine is the fourth-least diverse state in America and so we may feel far from the effects of racism. There is no place in this great Country that is immune from the effect of the long-standing horrors and injustices that are represented by the death of George Floyd. I will never know what it feels like to walk in the shoes of a black person, of experiencing subtle racism or not so subtle racism, to outright hateful racism. I do know that racism has no right to be in our community. 


Springvale Library is committed to be brave enough to stare into the face of this issue and to provide resources that lead to the systemic understanding of this issue. In the weeks to come there will be a new page on our website for resources to understand and learn about racism, diversity, and inequality for adults, teens, and children. As we begin our library building reopening process, we will look to provide and strengthen partnerships to create programming that continues to broaden and expand this mission.


We must find a way to peaceful and deliberate action - information and education are powerful tools and we will wield them unflinchingly.


Lesley Unger-Mochrie,

Springvale Public Library Director

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