Join Us For Our Very First Virtual Murder Mystery January 21 @ 6 pm!

From Red Herring Murder Mystery Party Games

Tension is high inside the big white tent because it’s time for this year’s bakers to face judgment and elimination.

But wait!

Stop those timers!

Our esteemed judge, Shaw G. Bottom has just been discovered dead in the judge’s tent. The bread round just turned into the dead round.

This party only has room for 20 people so sign up now!  Email us at  to reserve your spot.  As we're purchasing spots per patron, please only sign up if you are able to attend.  Bring a friend and get ready for a laughing good time! You'll be able to pick up your character package, by email or curbside, the week of the event


"The games are constructed so that everyone gets to interact, and scripted dialogues are included to help break the ice and get everyone into character. Even total novices get into the swing of things quite quickly!" Red Herring Games

New!  Adult Craft of the Month

All kits claimed!

Keep an eye on our monthly newsletter for craft kit announcements.  For next month's adult craft will be using recycled book pages and ribbon to make a beautiful valentine's wreath!

 The adults are getting a Craft of the Month!  Pick up a kit to go - it'll have instructions and all the items you need to make the craft.  You can also watch me do the craft live on Facebook on Thursday, January 14th at 6:00 pm for some personal guidance.  Last month we made beautiful winterberry ornaments and this month, we're doing string art.  It looks more complicated than it is, I promise! All that you will need this month is a hammer to get the nails into the wood using the handy dandy pattern you'll get in the kit.

The Library is moving to curbside service effective December 8th, 2020

The reality of community transmission of COVID19 is, again, pushing us to move to pickup of library materials at curbside, only.  This includes our adult craft kit, children's weekly activity, books, DVDs, audiobooks, puzzles, and more.  While our doors are closed, your Library is not.

We've adapted our procedures, and curbside pickup will be at the back of the building by the glass doors.  We'll put the books on the table right by the door.  If you have mobility issues and have a hard time getting out of your car, library staff will offer to put your items in your backseat or trunk of your vehicle, granted you are wearing a mask.

On behalf of the Library staff, please stay safe, stay healthy, and share kindness. 

Lesley, Dawn, Sheila, Sam, Rebecca, Nancy, 


Looking For Stuff For Kids and Families? 


Miss Sheila has been busy.

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Want to pick up the craft of the week

or the monthly scavenger hunt? 

Just stop by or give us a call!


Want to borrow one of our Maine Audubon

Nature Explorer backpacks or child-sized 

binoculars? You can pick one up curbside.

Are you a new homeschooler?  Please reach out to Sheila for resources and information about our weekly homeschool meetup on Zoom.  Middle and High school students can be offered research seminars upon request led by Lesley, our new director, and former high school librarian.


Need Tech Help?


Call to schedule a technology help session with Lesley.  If you're having trouble with Zoom, email, or anything else, we're happy to help.  Should you require a little guided help, with your permission, I can log into your computer after I walk you through a little setup. 


Don't let Zoom-intimidation keep you from connecting with your loved ones!


Book Groups With

Arlene Jackson Are Back!

Join Arlene Jackson for a 3-part series in January, February, and March.

Read the book of the month and join her for a well-researched exploration of the story.  

*Registration Required - email

January 6, 2021

The Guest List by Lucy Foley

"No one may have come to the  island intending  to

murder, but this destination wedding spirals into mayhem

when it’s slowly revealed that most everyone in

attendance is capable of becoming a lusting-for-revenge

killer.”   Washington Post

February 3, 2021

The Immigrants by Howard Fast

Dan Lavette, the son of Italian immigrants, rebuilds

his life after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake to

become the head of a powerful shipping empire, but

when a scandalous affair threatens his loveless

marriage to the daughter of the city's richest man,

Dan fears his world will crumble around him. 

This is the first novel in a six-book series.

March 3, 2021

The Exiles by Christina Baker Kline

Three women try to carve out lives in mid-19th-century

colonial Australia. Aborigine Matthina is eight years old

when she’s seen by the wife of the governor of an English

settlement on a visit to her home island, Wybalenna.  

After learning Matthina can speak English, the woman

decides to take her back to Flinders in southern Australia

as a curiosity and an experiment in forced civilization.

Publisher's Weekly

The Guest List by Lucy Foley

Get To Know Your Librarians

The Movie Edition!

This month's Get To Know Your Librarians!  is all about our favorite movies!

Movies have the ability to help us escape, similar to the way books do.  Similar, not the same!  During this stressful time of life, going back to those movies have a magic of their own.  These are our go-to movies.

We have over 1,400 DVDs you can borrow, with new releases being added monthly!


Pride & Prejudice (Kiera Knightly & Matthew McFadden)

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind (Jim Carrey in a serious role!!!)

Grand Budapest Hotel



Wizard of Oz

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (original)


Dirty Dancing (Patrick Swazey)




Hopscotch  (Walter Mathau)

Sabrina (Harrison Ford)

Mrs. Doubtfire (Robin Williams)


Shawshank Redemption

Sixth Sense

Steel Magnolia's


Nancy can't sit still long enough to watch movies.  Oh, Nancy :D


The Muppet Christmas Carol

The Nightmare Before Christmas

White Christmas

new and notable cover.png
New and Notable.png
The New York Times has published their Notable Book List since 1968.  Take a gander and see what you've read and what looks intriguing!

Discover Something New to Read

Not sure what to read next?  Try some of these tools.  Search by author, title, or just browse around.

Novelist:  will give you read-a-likes and ideas. When you get to Digital Maine Library from this link just scroll down to Novelist 


Fantastic Fiction - (Find what the next book is in a series, follow favorite authors!)  *** staff favourite***

Goodreads - Meet Your Next Favorite book  

Literature Map  - Have an author you like, Literature Map gives you a literature cloud based on the similarity of the author you like.  


What Should I Read Next - Click to find a new adventure


BookBrowse - Great discoverability tools!

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